mp4split is a tool that splits a fragmented MP4 file into discrete files.

Running the tool without any argument will print out a summary of the tool’s command line options and parameters.


MP4 Fragment Splitter - Version 1.1
(Bento4 Version
(c) 2002-2013 Axiomatic Systems, LLC

usage: mp4split [options] <input>
  --verbose : print verbose information when running
  --init-segment <filename> : name of init segment (default: init.mp4)
  --init-only : only output the init segment (no media segments)
  --media-segment <filename-pattern> (default: segment-%llu.%04llu.m4f)
    NOTE: all parameters are 64-bit integers, use %llu in the pattern
  --start-number <n> : start numbering segments at <n> (default=1)
  --pattern-parameters <params> : one or more selector letter (default: IN)
     I: track ID
     N: segment number
  --track-id <track-id> : only output segments with this track ID
  --audio : only output audio segments
  --video : only output video segments