mp4info is a tool to display high level info about an MP4 file, including all tracks and codec details. The output can be human-readable text, or a JSON object.

Running the tool without any argument will print out a summary of the tool’s command line options and parameters.


MP4 File Info - Version 1.3.3
(Bento4 Version
(c) 2002-2015 Axiomatic Systems, LLC

usage: mp4info [options] <input>
  --verbose:          show extended information when available
  --format <format>:  display the information in this format.
                      <format> is: text (default) or json
  --show-layout:      show sample layout
  --show-samples:     show sample details
  --show-sample-data: show sample data
  --fast:             skip some details that are slow to compute