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The Bento4 tools support HLS in several ways

HLS With MP4


Using mp4hls

mp4hls is a high level tool that facilitates the use of the lower-level tool mp42hls. mp4hls will invoke the mp42hls tool, once for each input, in order to create a multi-bitrate HLS presentation.

Use mp4dash for HLS with MP4 segments (a.k.a fMP4)

The mp4hls tool only supports creating "legacy" HLS presentations, where the media segments are in MPEG2 TS format. Unless it isn't supported by the players you are targetting, we recommend using HLS with fMP4 segments, as this is compatible with MPEG DASH, and likely what is expected by modern environments. See the MPEG DASH page for details on how to use the mp4dash tool, which supports both MPEG DASH and HLS

See the mp4hls documenation for details on how to use the tool.

Using mp42hls

mp42hls is the low-level tool that can create an HLS output for a single MP4 input file. See the mp42hls documentation for details on how to use the tool.