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Usage: [options] <media-file> [<media-file> ...]

Each <media-file> is the path to an MP4 file, optionally prefixed with a
stream selector delimited by [ and ]. The same input MP4 file may be repeated,
provided that the stream selector prefixes select different streams. Version
1.2.0 r637

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -v, --verbose         Be verbose
  -d, --debug           Print out debugging information
  -o <output-dir>, --output-dir=<output-dir>
                        Output directory
  -f, --force           Allow output to an existing directory
                        HLS Version (default: 4)
                        Master Playlist name
                        Media Playlist name
                        I-frame Playlist name
  --output-single-file  Store segment data in a single output file per input
                        Format for audio segments (packed or ts) (default:
                        Segment duration (default: 6)
                        Encryption mode (only used when --encryption-key is
                        specified). AES-128 or SAMPLE-AES (default: AES-128)
                        Encryption key in hexadecimal (default: no encryption)
                        Encryption IV mode: 'sequence', 'random' or 'fps'
                        (Fairplay Streaming) (default: sequence). When the
                        mode is 'fps', the encryption key must be 32 bytes: 16
                        bytes for the key followed by 16 bytes for the IV.
                        Encryption key URI (may be a relative or absolute
                        URI). (default: key.bin)
                        Encryption key format. (default: 'identity')
                        Encryption key format versions.
  --signal-session-key  Signal an #EXT-X-SESSION-KEY tag in the master
                        Enable Fairplay Key Delivery. The <fairplay-
                        parameters> argument is one or more <name>:<value>
                        pair(s) (separated by '#' if more than one). Names
                        include 'uri' [string] (required)
                        Enable Widevine Key Delivery. The <widevine-header>
                        argument can be either: (1) the character '#' followed
                        by a Widevine header encoded in Base64, or (2) one or
                        more <name>:<value> pair(s) (separated by '#' if more
                        than one) specifying fields of a Widevine header
                        (field names include 'provider' [string] (required),
                        'content_id' [byte array in hex] (optional), 'kid'
                        [16-byte array in hex] (required))
                        Output the encryption key to a file (default: don't
                        output the key). This option is only valid when the
                        encryption key format is 'identity'
                        Directory where the Bento4 executables are located
                        The base URL for the Media Playlists and TS files
                        listed in the playlists. This is the prefix for the