Precompiled SDKs and Tools

For your convenience, we make available pre-compiled SDK and tools for the most popular platforms. Visit the Download Page for details.

There is one SDK for each target platform. Once you download the SDK for your platform, you must unzip it. You will obtain a directory named Bento4-SDK-. (ex: Bento4-SDK-1-4-3-607.universal-apple-macosx for version 1.4.3-607 on Mac OSX).
In the SDK directory, you will find the following subdirectories:

bin ==> precompiled tools, scripts and shared libraries
docs ==> documentation
include ==> C++ header files for the API
lib ==> static libraries
utils ==> scripts

Source Code

The code is hosted on GitHub: You can browse the source code directly through the GitHub interface, or download a copy of the source tree using the GitHub download link or a git client from the command line:

git clone

You can also download a zip file containing the latest source distribution only (without history) from the Downloads page

Alternatively, you can access an SVN mirror of the repository at
(This SVN repository is maintained for legacy reasons, but it is strongly recommended that you use our GitHub site instead, as the SVN repository may lag behind a few versions)
For example, the svn command line to download the current source tree trunk, and save it to a directory named Bento4, would look like:

svn checkout Bento4